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About Vila Gora

Established in 2005, Villa Gora is a renowned and exclusive villa in Krushevo. It has 10 double, triple and four bed rooms, a restaurant and social places. Located in a hotel area on the edge of a pine forest near Krushevo woodland, Villa Gora offers comfortable accommodation and delicious food, easy access by car and parking place, total relaxation in urban and yet natural environment and also many activities in your free time. A lot of cultural and historical monuments as well as many natural rarities are in the nearby surrounding, offering memorable walks, sport and recreation.

About Vila Gora 2

The team of Villa Gora does not stop, and to your satisfaction and new location opens a completely new object VilaGora2.   VilaGora2 is located 100m from VilaGora and offers 8 double,   triple and four bed rooms, a beautiful day care and private parking. Welcome to Krushevo, the highest city in the Balkans VILAGORA will offer you comfortable accommodation, as well as professional, efficient and appropriate service, while offering a variety of natural beauties that will make your stay cost effective. Comfort and professionalism will deserve your trust so eagerly we will be waiting for your next stay.